1. What is HTML?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It’s not a programming language; instead, it’s a markup language used to structure content on the web. HTML uses a system of tags to format text, insert images, create links, and define the structure of a webpage.

2. HTML’s Role in Web Development

HTML is the foundation of web development. It provides the structure and content for webpages, acting as a framework that web browsers use to render the visual elements you see on a website.

3. The Building Blocks of HTML

Understand the basic components of HTML, including elements, attributes, and values, which are the essential building blocks of any HTML document.

4. HTML Tags: Your Tools for Web Creation

Learn about HTML tags, such as <h1>, <p>, <a>, and <img>, and how they are used to define the structure and content of a webpage.

5. Creating Your First HTML Document

Get hands-on experience by creating your very first HTML document. We’ll guide you through setting up a simple webpage and explain each step along the way.

6. The Structure of an HTML Document

Explore the anatomy of an HTML document, including the <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <head>, and <body> elements that make up its core structure.

7. HTML and Content: Text, Links, and Images

Discover how HTML handles various types of content, from basic text formatting to creating hyperlinks and embedding images in your web pages.

8. HTML and Modern Web Technologies

Learn about the synergy between HTML and other web technologies like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript, and how they work together to create dynamic and interactive web experiences.

9. The Future of HTML: HTML5

Get a glimpse into the future with HTML5, the latest version of HTML that introduces new features and capabilities for web development.

10. Why Learning HTML Matters

Find out why learning HTML is a valuable skill, whether you’re a developer, designer, marketer, or just a curious internet user.

11. Getting Started with HTML: Resources for Beginners

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you embark on your HTML journey, including on


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